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Machupichu toursLocated northeast of the City of Cusco in the province of Urubamba is nominated as one of the Wonders of the World. The name Machu Picchu is derived from the Quechua language “Machu” meaning “ancient” or “old” and “Picchu” meaning “mountain”, hence “Old Mountain” or “Ancient Mountain.”
The site is divided into two sectors, the Urban and agriculture:

Urban Sector:

  • machupichu tour cuscoMain Gate City - Temple of the Sun
  • The Royal Mausoleum - The Palace of Ñusta - Ceremonial Center.
  • The King’s quarters- Plaza Sacred Temple of the Three Windows.
  • The Main Temple – Priests’ quarters
  • Intiwatana,- “The hitching post of the sun”
  • Stairway- The dry pit - The Prison.
  • The Industrial District –
  • The Sacred Monolith - Lower Cemetery.

Agricultural Sector:

  • The Funerary Stone
  • Guard Post.
  • The Ten Gates.

Tour Includes:

Tourist Round trip train ticket plus bus ticket to and from the Citadel Entrance ticket to Machu Picchu, Guide (English, Spanish, Lunch.

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